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Silk Varanasi
Agra inlay work
Agra inlay work

emirati work & pichkari work


cotton, silk, zoot & ..


handworks, emirati & misc...


inlay works....

Wooden Furniture

chairs, tables & bed etc..


cotton & zoot

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Created by the finest artist, these luxurious products and accessories exemplify fine craftsmanship, impeccable details and timeless sophistication. Undeniably elegant, they are inspired from the heart of the Indian art history. The old workmanship that the country is known for is reminiscent of an erstwhile luxurious lifestyle. Intricate and unique details in art, craft and architecture have always been exquisite inspirations globally. These examples of splendor are relics from the past that are alluring enough for the brand to find newer and subtler ways to reinvent art history. These iconic goods have been brought to life from the bygone era, accentuated with traditional karigari. For more than 100 years, the artisans and craftsmen have been making an indelible mark in the lives of their people RETRO ART brings some of this magic to you.

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