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Everything beautiful that has ever been created is a form of art, it is this want to create and change that gives us a beautiful world to live and the creators are the artist its their efforts, hard work, belief and creation that makes us acquaint to our human capability.

Now that the worlds progressing so fast and digitalization is taking over we tend to knowingly unknowingly neglect a lot of these artists who have contributed so much to this world and continue to do so but wonít be able to for long, as survival of these artist is getting tougher as time progresses.

Retro Art is an initiative to provide help to such artists who give up on their talent just because they arenít able to find sufficient market for themselves to be able to survive. We try and make a bridge between the artist and the end consumer and make their art available to all the big countries and ensure satisfactions at both the ends. In this way you are not just buying a product that will appreciate with time but you are also fulfilling your social responsibility by helping encouraging those creators of this beautiful world.

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